The costs of owning a vehicle may increase when drivers pay more for fuel. Prestige Auto Mall has many fuel-efficient models available, and there are ways to maximize such efficiency. Changing a vehicle's oil at the recommended mileage and duration period could help. Old motor oil undermines fuel economy.

Anyone who allowed old motor oil to run through an engine might discover a sludge buildup. A thorough engine cleaning could help improve things. So may cleaning the fuel injectors and replacing the fuel filter. A thorough inspection of the fuel filter could reveal problems that necessitate replacing the fuel injectors and the fuel pump.

Checking the tires could help. Low tire pressure undermines fuel economy and presents risks to the driver. Tires with low pressure may suffer a blowout on a Cuyahoga Falls, OH road.

Overloading a vehicle also harms fuel economy. Getting rid of unnecessary items that weigh down a car seems wise.