Belts and hoses have a crucial role in your car’s engine operation. If the belts and hoses have any damage, it can hinder the operation of your engine and make it less efficient. Therefore, when you bring your car to Prestige Auto Mall, we can examine the belts and hoses to ensure they are in good condition.

The air conditioner, fans, and electrical systems receive power from the engine through belts. Additionally, the belts help your engine function smoothly so that power is distributed evenly throughout your car. Conversely, hoses assist in transferring fluid to various sections of your vehicle. Without good hoses, the engine may overheat and sustain catastrophic damage that could require costly repairs.

Several symptoms indicate you are having problems with your belts and hoses. These include:

· Coolant leak

· Squeaking noises when starting your car

· Weak airflow from the air conditioning system

· Smell of burning rubber

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