Prestige Auto Mall wants our customers to understand the importance of changing your engine and cabin filters regularly.

Engine Air Filters

Oxygen is necessary to engine combustion. Your engine air filter sits between your engine and the incoming air. Without filtration, a large quantity of dust would enter your engine and act as an abrasive that shortens the life of internal engine parts. A clean air filter extends the life of your engine while improving fuel economy and performance.

Cabin Air Filters

The air you breathe inside your car comes from the outside. As air enters the cabin, it carries irritants with it. Without a cabin air filter, contaminants would enter your respiratory system, especially when a high pollen count or smoke compromises the air quality in Cuyahoga Falls. A clean cabin filter protects the driver and passengers from particulates and smells that could cause feelings of sickness, headache, and allergy flare-ups.

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