A roof rack can come in handy when you have to haul in Cuyahoga Falls, OH something that won't fit in your vehicle, but you need to know how to use it. For the most part, this means knowing how to fasten your luggage securely to the rack itself. Ropes are usually best, but if you're not comfortable tying a secure knot, you can opt for ratchet straps or web strapping instead.

First, make sure that your luggage is placed evenly across the bars of your rack. Next, tie your rope or straps around the bars to create secure anchor points. You should have at least two ropes or straps to properly secure your luggage. Place your rope or straps across your luggage, and tighten the anchor points to make sure they're tight enough without damaging your belongings or your vehicle. Finally, walk around your vehicle to make sure that everything is secured tightly and you don't have anything hanging too far over the roof of your vehicle.